Defend Our Nation

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Defend Our Nation

Ready-made, Installation Artwork, October 2015

Installation Materials: Bricks, Video


Description: The artist departs from Chengdu, traveling 7000 km round-trip. At Luobubo  (Lop Nor) Center, an abandoned military site, the artist uses new bricks to displace broken and old bricks forming the words, “Defend Our Nation”.

Explanation: Luobubo is situated in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Prefecture, near a lake in the southeast. At the lowest point in the Tarim basin, the Tarim River, Kongque River, Che’er River, and the Shule River all gather to form China’s second-biggest saltwater lake. This lake had completely dried up by the 1960s and was thereafter nicknamed the Dead Sea. Loulan city in the northeast is famous for its Silk Road, active throughout eight hundred years of history until the 7th century when it fell into disuse. On Oct 16, 1964, Luobubo detonated its first atomic bomb.


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