Secrets Exchange

Secret Exchange

Interactive Installation Artwork, 2014

Materials: Computer, Glass Walled Room


Description: On May 30, 2014, Li Yongzheng posted the following message on Sina and Wechat: “From 1998 to 2008, the painting was my personal secret. During this period of time, I refrained from participation in exhibitions. I will be cutting up paintings created during this time, the smallest piece being 30 cm x 40 cm. I will sign each piece. Anyone can email me relating a secret story of their own. The written description should be longer than 300 words and can be sent anonymously. In return, I will send a framed and signed piece of one of my secret paintings. The artist retains the right to use these emails at will. I look forward to your participation. Email:

Within a month of posting the original message on Sina and Wechat, this “Secret Exchange” project received 231 emails, totaling 164,000 secret words.


Interactive Component: If you upload a secret through text, audio or video, you will get another secret in return.



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