Yes, Today

Yes, Today
Installation, video, live
Size variable
Creative time:2017

In Chengdu and other large cities across China, some juveniles from impoverished areas were revealed by the media to have been learning martial arts in fight clubs. After local education departments became aware of these activities, these early youths were sent back to their homes. This artwork, following this thread, contacted them back in their hometowns, and asked them to engage in a fighting performance and to talk about their hopes and dreams. These scenes will be displayed in video format in an exhibition hall. Simultaneously, ancient nursery rhymes regarding the pleasure of realities, pain, and death, sung by elderly people from the youths’ villages, are played in the exhibit.

Based on the size of the exhibition hall, the installation includes one or two 2m-long, 2m-wide, 0.5m-thick black mats. During the exhibition, several groups of juvenile boxers will perform at different times. When the performances are not underway, the audience can freely play or fight on these mats.






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